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Adam-i-Eva Christian Dating Service was created and is managed by Christians. It is not only a Dating Service for Christian Singles but also for Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim and even agnostic singles who seek love and share Christian ethics about marriage, family and relationships. We provide advanced matchmaking and an efficient approach to dating based on Christian morals for long-term relationships, ideally leading to marriage.

1. JOIN THE CHRISTIAN DATING SERVICE. Begin by creating your comprehensive profile including detailed questionnaires about both you and your partner, a psychometric test, hand-written survey questions, a personal headline and uploading your photo. Within a few hours, your photo will be edited and your ad activated. Please, check your email box within a few hours of submission for a confirmation.

2. PROFESSIONAL EDITING OF YOUR PHOTO. If you are not an expert with graphic programs, let our editor get the optimal brightness, contrast, zoom and sharpness of your portrait. Just upload your photo and we'll do the rest in a few hours. If you later decide you would like to change your profile photo, contact us, email us your photo and we'll do the rest.

3. DATABASE SEARCH AND ACCESS TO YOUR MATCHES' PROFILES. Right after creating your ad, you may search on-line for your potential matches in our database. You will see up to 20 comprehensive profiles of members matching you the most plus ALL privileged members matching you too. Our profiles are really comprehensive to help you know each person prior to first contact.

4. MODIFYING YOUR AD. If you are not satisfied with the search results (too few or too many), find some mistakes in your ad or want to change your photo, you may modify your ad as many times as you want. Just login as a registered member and choose EDIT profile in the menu. Once you complete all five steps, then you may search the database again to see new results.

5. INFORMING OF NEW POTENTIAL MATCHES. Your ad takes part in every database search in the Christian Dating Service so you will be informed immediately of every new potential match joining our database or if your potential match changes his/her ad. We work even while you sleep, saving you time, money and stress! You can also cancel the service any time.

6. CONTACT YOUR MATCHES. You may E-mail your potential matches free of charge if they are privileged members. If your match emails you, the letter comes to your email box. Just check it regularly, read and reply. Handicapped singles may email each other free of charge, too.

The Christian Dating Service does significant work behind the scenes including: monitoring content of profiles and photos, checking email validity and deleting fraudulent ads. Surely, there are a few "professional" Russian brides in our database but our system is designed to find and remove them quickly.


I would like to say that it is great to find a christian introduction agency that specializes in women from Eastern Europe. I have researched many agencies and have found them to be wanting in providing services for christians.
I was wanting to know if you have offices in the USA or in Russia only. Also, I am seeking women of Assemblies of God or Pentecostal denominations and wanted to know if you have women on your site of these denominations.
Thank you for your assistance
God Bless You

Perry Mayall

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