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First of all you should remember we use bilateral matchmaking algorithm. So, every of dozens answers of questionary (both to your match and to yourself) and psychometric test influences on the database search result.

1. TOO LITTLE MATCHES. Probably you define too narrow desires to your match, maybe just doubling answers about yourself into next cells. For example, you drink socially and choose your match MUST drink socially, too. Both nondrinkers and persons drinking a glass beer/wine every weekend will not match you. You should use CTRL-key (keep it pushed during inserting) to choose several answers for every question to match. The same with denominations, education, kids.

2. TOO MANY MATCHES. It is especially useful if you are not a privileged member – ordinary members may see only 20 ordinary profiles with highest match ratio. Probably you choosed too many "any" and "no matter". Pay attention, please, choosing attitude towards religion "no matter" you'll get matches both believers and agnostics and atheists. Similarly, age, height, family status.

3. SLIM GIRL OR ANORECIX?. Many our members live in ex-USSR, most of women in this part of world are crazy about their figures, they believe they are too fat. So, if a girl call herself average – it means she is slim in 80% (the younger the high the percentage). If she calls herself a bit more than average – often it means she is average. If she calls herself slim – she suffers from anorexia and needs attention from a doctor. So, if you like good shaped girl, you should choose both slim and athletic and average bodies for your match.

4. INTOLERANCE. Yes, very many people are extremely intolerant in this part of the world, especially in Russia. If they are Orthodox Christians, often they look for Orthodox ones only. If they are agnostics/atheists, they do agnostics/atheists. If they are Evangelicals, they look for Evangelicals in 99%. Besides that Evangelicals in ex-USSR very often think they are holier than the Pope and look for the same holiest Evangelicals (no smoking, no drinking, no separated or even divorced, no kids, weekly visiting church are absolutely necessary). It's a kind of neophyte syndrome.

Intolerance about pernicious habbits is deepened with typical infantility of "homo soveticus". Up to 80% of our members look for partner drinking socially and never smoking. So, if you drink never, only Evangelical Chrstians will match you (if you are Evangelical, too). If you drink some beer on weekends or everyday – it may be hard to find match here. Similarly if you indulge in a cigar after weekend dinner.

4. ANALYSIS and CORRECTION. If you are not satisfied the database search result you should analyse your profile, especially questionary. Than you should click on "change your ad Ц EDIT" in menu under your photo and go through ALL 5 steps correction wrong answers, etc till you get your renewed profile (better to skip changing photo). Click on "Want to SEE them?" to see new database search result.

If you like some matches analyse their profiles very intently – every word, every answer in questionary and psychotest, every comma. Comparing several profiles you can see as the nose on your face who is a professional bride and who is a sincere believer and who looks for emigration and not love. Our staff smarten neither profiles nor photos, only thing we let ourselves – to correct some stupid mistakes in search requests during joinig procedure.


... thanks for the honest views. I've spent some time in Ukraine and found the women there very appealing but it has taken a long time for me to begin to understand what's going on in terms of the difference in mentality, the mental laziness and the other factors that you rightly mentioned. However, I still find myself drawn back to Ukrainian women. I'm sure there are some very suitable Ukrainian women for me but they aren't that easy to find. One of the biggest problems in all of this is the wasted time involved. Maybe with your help, I could more quickly spot the genuine ones who weren't 'on the take'? I liked the idea of your service and I would be interested in using it... Also, I really like the idea of getting the women away from the agencies because my experience of agencies has not been very positive in general.

Clive Richardson

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