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Most members of the Christian Dating Service search for their soul mates FREE OF CHARGE. Mainly singles stay alone because it is hard to meet a kindred soul so you need mass of time to meet your soul mate. Try to meet your soul mate in the Christian Dating Service using recourses of modern IT free of charge: free membership, free multiple database search and free access to comprehensive profiles of your potential matches. You need no Emailing to find your soul mate here!

Click here to join to the Christian Dating Service for Christian Singles and everybody shares Christian Morals about marriage and family! 1. ENTER 5-steps creation your profile and search request – FREE OF CHARGE
a. Email checking
b. Questionnaire (you configure complex database search request here)
c. Psychometric Test (additional minor request to graduate your matches)
d. Detailed Profile (200-500 words story-presentation with heading)
e. Uploading Your Photo (photo editor will process it in a few hours)

Creating your profile you form at the same time your inquiry to search database for profiles matching you. We provide bilateral matching in some dozens parameters, but nobody decides who is matching you – only yourself, forming the inquiry. So, be attentive, please! If you don't like to give your photo and story-presentation you may try the INVISIBLE service – you need to create the database search request only. >>>

Common Entry to the Christian Dating Service for Marriage Minded Singles 2. SEARCH for your soul mate and contact – FREE OF CHARGE
a. On-line search. Start the database search, all profiles matching you are picked out, you get access to the comprehensive profiles FREE OF CHARGE.
b. Off-line search. Your Ad takes part in every database search, you will be notified by Email of every new match and modifying your matches' profiles, too. So, we work for you even while you sleep! You may give up these services, though.
c. You may CONTACT privileged members matching you FREE OF CHARGE
d. Emails from your matches come to your registered mailbox with URLs to their profiles and return email address, write them back FREE OF CHARGE!

Extra Services of the Christian Dating Service make search for your life partner easy and pleasant, multiply your chances of success, let you contact any your match 3. EXTRA SERVICES
a. Contact your matches - regular members (NON-privileged)
b. Privileged Membership, INVISIBLE mode, too
c. Professional Translation Service

You need NO EMAIL to find your soul mate – just read and analyze comprehensive profiles of your potential matches! Nor supposition, nor fantasy, nor false, nor unbefitting ad – you miss no match and get comprehensive info of your matches.


... thanks for the honest views. I've spent some time in Ukraine and found the women there very appealing but it has taken a long time for me to begin to understand what's going on in terms of the difference in mentality, the mental laziness and the other factors that you rightly mentioned. However, I still find myself drawn back to Ukrainian women. I'm sure there are some very suitable Ukrainian women for me but they aren't that easy to find. One of the biggest problems in all of this is the wasted time involved. Maybe with your help, I could more quickly spot the genuine ones who weren't 'on the take'? I liked the idea of your service and I would be interested in using it... Also, I really like the idea of getting the women away from the agencies because my experience of agencies has not been very positive in general.

Clive Richardson

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