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Rules and obligations of the Christian Dating Service

1. The Christian Dating Service is not responsible for the credibility of information represented by its members. We ask you to be responsible when filling the form and creating your profile.

2. The Christian Dating Service works for marriage minded singles who share traditional morals about marriage, love and family. In other words, we work for singles who seek long term relationship, hopefully leading to marriage. So, we reserve the right to decline or delete any profile that is deemed as inappropriate.

3. We do not allow any text or graphic information able to hurt the feelings of other customers or to be interpreted as pornography, lechery, having criminal intent, etc.; abstract texts and pictures bear no relations to the matter, too.

4. Personal contact information of any kind, such as URL, IRC, Email or postal addresses, phone or fax numbers etc. is prohibited.

5. No form of solicitation or playing baby is expressly prohibited. Most customers trust us and take the site as a place for serious marriage minded singles, so we do not allow anything that may discredit the Christian Dating Service.

6. There is no sharing of memberships or transfer of such. If you are found guilty of this, you will forfeit your membership effective immediately.

7. In case of a breach of numbers 3-6, Adam-i-Eva Dating Service administration reserves the right to delete profiles from the database and blacklist the email address from all future use of Adam-i-Eva service thereafter.

8. If an email box that is registered with this site becomes unavailable for any reason (either frozen, exceeds limit, etc.) that ad will be deleted after such is confirmed.

9. Money paid for our Extra Services is NOT REFUNDABLE.

10. Any discrimination regarding sexual orientation, race, religion or other is not permitted.

11. We will not use your email address and other personal information except for sending messages from the administration about the service or informing of new potential matches. We shall not share your email addresses with anyone even enabling your matches to email you via our server so they will not know your email address until you want that.

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